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“How to Play Ocarina” is a method book and video series for 12 hole ocarinas. This 52-page book is the perfect for anyone who is new to the ocarina and would like to grasp basic playing techniques, as well as teach you how to read sheet music.

Topics covered in the book and videos include:


  • Familiarizing yourself with the full range of 12-hole ocarinas, specifically the Alto C range (A4-F6)
  • Memorizing the note names and their placement on the music staff
  • Illustrations showing you precisely how to hold and use various techniques on the ocarina
  • New exercises and popular songs for every lesson to help you fully comprehend each music principle
  • Exclusive group arrangements to play ocarina duets, trios, and quartets
  • Basic music theory concepts and symbols to help you play any sheet music you can find
  • Full access to video lessons and audio samples



"How to Play Ocarina" Method Book (Download)

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