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How to Play Ocarina (Summer 2024)

Learn to play 12-hole ocarina & read music with this 10-session group course

  • Starts Jun 1
  • 249 US dollars
  • Zoom Call

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Learn how to play the ocarina from the comfort of your own home with David's online class. This is a 10-session course teaching you how to play the ocarina, whether you an experienced musician or a complete beginner. You will have access to and will be able to participate in this 10-week interactive course, where we will learn about and discuss the basics of music theory, ocarina technique, proper breath support, and will learn how to read music with your ocarina. YOU DON'T NEED ANY PRIOR MUSIC EXPERIENCE. JUST YOU AND YOUR 12-HOLE OCARINA. Who is "How to Play Ocarina" for? ✔️ Beginners With No Prior Music Experience ✔️ Musicians familiar with basic music theory, but new to the ocarina ✔️ Hobbyists who would like to learn how to play their favorite songs ✔️ Creatives who want to add something fun and relaxing to their routines Who is "How to Play Ocarina" NOT for? Ⓧ People who have studied music formally Ⓧ People expecting fast results and don't want to practice Ⓧ People who only want to have the ocarina as a collectors item or cosplay accessory How To Play Ocarina Will Help You To: ✔️ Be Self-Reliant In Sight Reading Music ✔️ Have Better Understanding of the Ocarina ✔️ Boost Your Confidence In Playing and Reading Music ✔️ Know How to Learn Songs Quickly and Efficiently ✔️ Understand the full capabilities of the Ocarina ✔️ Get A Fundamental Understanding of Music Theory ✔️ Create Music Anytime & Anywhere With Your Ocarina COURSE REQUIREMENTS ☐ 12 hole Ocarina in C ☐ Microphone, camera, and Zoom app for interactive sessions. ☐ Strong Internet Connection (we'll schedule a test call with each student before first lesson) ☐ "How to Play Ocarina" Method book (Digital Version included, 30% discount on physical book) COURSE OUTLINE Week 1: Intro to Ocarina and Music Theory Week 2: The First Five Notes Week 3: The A note and Repeat Signs Week 4: B and High Note, and Rests Week 5: High D Note, Dots & Ties, Pickup notes Week 6: High E, Dotted Quarters Notes, and Playing High Notes Week 7: High F Note, Sixteenth Notes, and Phrasing Week 8: Low B and 16th-16th-8th Rhythm Week 9: Low A and Dotted 8th Notes Week 10: Final Performances Register now to begin your ocarina journey from February 17th to May 4th. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from one of the most recognized ocarina players in the world. Spots are limited, so register today! ⭐️ PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE AT CHECKOUT ⭐️

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